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Green walls

Designers are always looking for the new materials to give old fashioned rooms an elegant and new style.
Our solutions will give you totally new opportunities. When you design a new office or public area the space is usually limited und you have to plan the position of every element exactly. Green walls will change the atmosphere.
Green walls are vertical construction witch are fixed at the wall. The frame construction is made of specific panels with covering material, what allows spraying the water in the air while watering. Due to this technique you don’t have to care about water resistant materials and technical equipment.

The watering system also transports fertilizer to the plants. Our bio light systems allow you having green walls in rooms without natural light.

Our experience

Since 2007 we are pioneers in green wall constructions on the polish market. We already build 40 green walls and are not afraid of challenges.
We have long-standing experiences in landscape architecture. Every green wall construction is made due to the customers need. The unique result of our work gives every room an own character.
We offer a maintenance service if you need any assistance in taking care of your green wall.

Due to our experience we were able to develop a perfect workflow process in building green walls. This way we can keep the costumer costs low. Even after a long usage you will not see any quality issues.

Benefits of our technology

Our green wall construction is not based on module elements. We can build totally individual constructions in shapes you like to have. We love to combine water, wood and stones to give a natural flair to the green wall.
Vertical green wall constructions are great to save space. The unique design turns every room into art.
To create a natural effect we use grown plants for our green walls. After 10 days the leaves turn in to the right angle and it starts to look like a consistent green wall.

Influence on humans

Plants in rooms have an amazing effect on our wellbeing.

Plants ionize and humidify the air in a good way. They work like a filter for the air and keep the air fresh. Due to the high humidity you will have less dust in rooms with green plants.
It is difficult to create a natural climate closed buildings. Usually the humidity should be between 40% and 60% but in winter it goes down to 30%. Especially in air conditioned rooms people complain about headache, dry mucous membrane, skin problems and irritated eyes.

Contact with plants can solve these issues quickly. A 2 square meter green wall can provide enough air for one human for a day.
Nature supports people while working. A human being is more relaxed and productive while you surround him/her with plants.

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